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Richmond BMW and MINI Repair

A walkthrough of a Bimmer Rescue experience

  1. You are referred to us by a friend or find us on the internet and like what you hear.
  2. You call 804-793-8695 and make an appointment or follow this link to do it online. 
  3. You drop off your car or use our convenient night drop
  4. We give you a ride to work or a loaner vehicle.
  5. A service advisor greets you and talks to you about your car and identifies what you value the most in your car’s repairs.
  6. A Bimmer Rescue technician evaluates the vehicle.
  7. You get a vehicle health check report sent to your phone and look it over.
  8. When you are ready, call us, we have a plan laid out and we offer our advice on what to do.
  9. With your approval, we give you a proposed completion time and get to work.
  10. If the repairs will take longer than you can allow we will send a loaner vehicle to you at home, work or school.
  11. We text and or call you when your car is ready.
  12. We will arrange a ride to get you back to the shop if you need it.
  13. We'll explain everything that we did, talk about our warranty, answer any questions you might have and schedule an appointment for your next scheduled service. 
  14. We'll text that appointment to your phone calendar.
  15. A few days later, we will perform a follow up call to see how you are doing.


Bimmer Rescue offers professional, high class service that can make your car last longer and run better. We use an organized, clean shop environment combined with sharp, well rounded technicians, factory service data, tools and equipment to bring you the best service possible.


Our technicians who are certified and factory trained by the manufacturer and have at least 10 years experience will give you the best service. Our diverse technician skill set can provide services ranging from factory preventative maintenance, fluids and filters to advanced electronic troubleshooting. If you come to visit the work area of our shop you will see our technicians wearing surgical gloves and using fender covers to protect the finish of your car.

Electronic troubleshooting

Modern cars require modern electronic troubleshooting tools. We have invested in the best equipment ensure that we can access the wide array of modules, sensors actuators and computers in your car and give you the right advice.


Installing a cheap, discount part puts you in danger and increases the chance of a premature failure. We install the best possible parts on your car.


We respect our facility just like we respect your car. We keep the floors clean enough to eat from and the walls, work surfaces and equipment tidy. This ensures that not a drop of oil or a bit of dirt will find its way into your interior or onto your paint. Our facility is air conditioned, heated and well lit to make sure our technicians are comfortable when working on your car, we believe that a comfortable technician can be more accurate with your vehicle.


Q: How do you accept payment?
A: We take Cash, Check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We can also accept debit cards.

Q: What cars will you work on?
A: We specialize in BMW and Mini Cooper, and AUDI, modern and classic.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: An appointment is required for the best service experience. Let us make Bimmer Rescue convenient for you, ask us what transportation options we can help you with.

Q: Can I supply my own parts?
A: It is always in your best interest to allow us to source the parts for your car. Our professional parts sourcing will guarantee good quality parts, no fitment issues, fast turnaround time, and less frustration as well as an excellent warranty. The benefits to a Bimmer Rescue supplied parts include reliability, safety and convenience.

Q: I can’t make it to your shop during business hours, can I drop my car off after hours?
A: Yes! We have a night time key drop right next to the front door. Fill out an envelope with the included pen and drop your key in the slot.

Q: Can I pick up after hours?
A: Yes! We can take a credit card payment over the phone when the work is complete. We have special lock boxes with codes on them. After payment, we'll text you the code to your box. Then you can pick up your car anytime after hours. 

Q: How long do repairs take?
A: Most of the time if you can get the car to us the night before or early in the morning we can evaluate an issue, quote you, order parts, repair the car and get it back to you the next day. Sometimes parts need to be special ordered. We are here to make your repairs convenient, please ask us about transportation options so you can go about your day without interruption.