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Richmond BMW and MINI Repair

About Us

Patrick McHugh - Owner

Patrick McHugh (owner)

The auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue are relied upon for expert auto repair for BMW, MINI, and Audi vehicles. We are the trusted source for drivers throughout Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District. To learn more about the team and us behind Bimmer Rescue, keep reading.

Where did this shop come from?  

We all had to start somewhere, and our story seemed to begin from the moment Patrick McHugh, the owner of Bimmer Rescue, finessed his motor skills. As a young boy, he started taking apart toasters, blenders, toy cars, and eventually graduated to lawnmowers. At 12 years old, neighbors were bringing lawnmowers for him to fix. Furthering instilling his passion for auto repair, his father bought an old BMW as a teenager, and he learned everything he could about the car. His love for BMW cars, along with other European vehicles, began there. After working as a pilot, Patrick returned to his first love, auto repair in 2010, and Bimmer Rescue was officially in business.

Where is it going?  

At our auto repair shop, we are actively trying to change the image of auto mechanics away from blue-collar workers to specialized master technicians who are engineering and computer whizzes. Your BMW, MINI, or Audi is a computer on wheels, and it requires an excessive amount of knowledge of technology and computer science.

Along with transforming the way you view auto mechanics, we are also striving to provide the communities of Richmond, Short Pump, The West End, and The Fan District with ample opportunities for education. If you want to learn about car care, come to us. If your child is an aspiring auto mechanic, contact us. We want today’s youth to know that there are careers for them in our industry if they enjoy working with their hands and minds.

Who’s a part of it?  

Our team consists of a great group of people.


Patrick is a proud father of two, he lives in the Fan District, and is our visionary fearless leader. He used to be an airline pilot but his passion for BMWs and MINIs won out. He’s the mastermind behind our gallery events, kids classes, and other community outreach programs.



Mike raises his four kids in Richmond. He loves the Dallas Cowboys and is passionate about all things automotive. He’s our top-notch Service Advisor who will give it to you straight. No messing around. But you’ll melt when you hear him play guitar.



D’Ahlo is a father of two and has a belly-laugh that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. He’s one of our Master techs and he knows his stuff. He has fine culinary tastes and is our chef when we do Friday cookouts.



Gareth is from Ireland, but he earned his master tech status in the States. He is married and since he has no children, he gets the most sleep out of all of us. He actually played professional Irish football, and he also plays a mean piano. We’d love to see if he can actually do both at the same time.



Tom has three kids, and he’s our outdoorsman. He’s the guy you want to be with if you’re lost in the woods. Tom’s a Master tech, but he’s also a master huntsman. He’s a natural when it comes to mechanical things and there’s nothing he can’t fix.



Kyle is a father of one, and he loves the Washington Redskins so he and Mike get along just fine. He's the Production Specialist and does a little bit of everything for the shop. He's also a music fanatic who knows everything about hard rock and heavy metal , but don't ask him about who's topping the country music charts.


Our team of auto mechanics at Bimmer Rescue strives to keep your BMW, MINI, or Audi running safely and smoothly, and the rest of our team aims to educate you about its condition. At our auto repair shop, we are doing all we can to make the automotive industry a better place, and we are proud to play a crucial part in keeping Richmond, Short Pump, the West End, and the Fan District streets safe and secure. Our auto repair shop is conveniently located at 6401F Dickens Place, Richmond, VA 23230. Schedule an appointment today.